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The personality-career section is intended to help you take a close look at your personal interests, strengths and abilities that make you a unique individual.  Once you recognize them, you can investigate the various careers that match your personality.  Personal characteristics discovered in this section is not only important for your career search but information you will want to share when you eventually complete college applications.

Remember:  The resources in this section are to help you learn about who you are and available careers that may be suited to you, not to inform you what you should do... that's YOUR decision!

Resources in this section assume you are ready to dig deeper into Job Profiles, learning more about the job you hope to have one day.  We figure it's also important to take time to make sure you are taking the right courses and preparing for tests as needed so you can eventually attend college!

Remember:  You are not limited to the resources offered here... there's a whole world of resources offered on the Internet so make sure this is just the starting point of your journey to college and career!

It's time to make some decisions regarding colleges based on the career direction you selected in the last section.  These resources will not only help you search for appropriate colleges but review the college application process and financing options needed to get you into college!

Remember:  Not all colleges offer the major you want so you should research and come up with a list of the best college options for your needs.  It's important to then prioritize colleges, from first to last choice.

college studentsA lot of work has gone into getting you this far, including researching colleges and understanding the application process.  The resources in this section will now help you apply to the colleges of choice and then, once you are accepted and decide where you're going, properly transition you to the college and workplace environments.

Remember:  It doesn't hurt to work ahead on college applications even if the deadline seems far off.  Life in senior year is busy enough that you'll be happy you don't have to complete college forms and collect application documents last minute!